Transforming Office Visits into Rewarding Experiences

Welcome to the future of the workplace - where access has been streamlined, every check-in could lead to your next reward and companies thrive on the pulse of its vibrant office life. Perkzai is designed for the individual seeking to unlock the value every workday at the office and the enterprise aiming to invigorate their space with purpose and presence, today and in the AI-enhanced future.
Join us in crafting a tech-amplified workspace where each visit counts.

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The challenge we're facing
We believe going to the office should be a win-win situation
The path forward is not to force people back into the office. It is to make the whole office experience so appealing that you don't want to miss out.
The Inevitable Return
By the end of 2024, 90% of companies are expected to resume office work, with a permanent shift to hybrid models. Adapting to this change demands innovative solutions to make office returns not just necessary, but desirable.
Resistance Over Compliance
Facing more resistance than anticipated, 42% of businesses find employees reluctant to abandon the flexibility of remote work. This highlights a critical need to enhance the office's appeal, aligning with the evolving workforce expectations.
Flexibility or Flight
A staggering 76% of employees are ready to leave their current jobs if flexible work policies are revoked. It's a clear message: the future of work must balance freedom with engagement — an office must be more than a place to work; it should be a place to thrive.
How we're tackling it
Optimize with CARE:
A Three-Part Solution to Workplace Challenges
At Perkzai, we recognize the complexities of modern work dynamics. We're addressing these with our CARE Model, targeting three core challenges to create a more rewarding office environment.
Streamlining office logistics to make your day smoother and more efficient.
Acknowledging every office visit with rewards that celebrate your commitment.
Fostering a sense of community and connection within the workplace.
Our CARE Model is more than a philosophy; it's our commitment to enhancing the office experience through tangible, everyday practices.
The solution we built
Elevating Every Aspect of Your Office Experience
Rewarding Presence
Earn Perkz with Every Office Visit
Transforming everyday office attendance into rewarding experiences, Perkzai infuses motivation into every check-in. Our innovative rewards system celebrates your presence, making each day a step towards exciting perks.
Be greeted by an AI-powered welcome message, making each check-in a moment of learning and fun
Enjoy the satisfaction of earning perkz every time you step into the office
Delve into our in-app store, where you can easily redeem your perkz for handpicked rewards
From gift cards from renowned brands to exclusive experiences, the rewards are as diverse as your tastes
With a gamified approach, each office visit becomes an opportunity for delight and discovery
Luck Favours the Regulars
Win at Every Opportunity
We believe that the anticipation of winning can make every office visit even more thrilling. Our giveaway feature adds a layer of excitement, offering you the chance to win when the opportunity arises.
Participate in giveaways simply by booking a seat and checking in when they are active
Stand a chance to win a variety of rewards, from unique experiences to extra holidays
Revel in the possibility of surprise rewards, making each giveaway day a chance to win
Reserve and Relax
Your Week, Streamlined
A reserved spot awaits you, taking the guesswork out of your office visits. Perkzai simplifies your planning, allowing you to book a space ahead of time, ensuring you have a seamless start to your workweek.
Book a spot in the office for the next five working days in a single action
Ensure you have a dedicated workspace upon arrival, no selection needed
Focus on your high-priority tasks with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your spot is secured
Know Before You Go
Team Presence Made Transparent
In the hybrid work model, knowing when your colleagues will be in the office enhances collaboration and social interaction. Perkzai brings transparency to office attendance, fostering teamwork and a sense of community.
View real-time updates on who’s planning to be in the office
Coordinate in-office days with your peers for better project sync-up
Plan your office time around the presence of your teammates for a more collaborative and enjoyable workday
Effortless Arrival
Start Your Day on the Right Foot
A stress-free morning sets the tone for a successful day. Our parking spot booking feature eliminates morning uncertainty, paving the way for a calm and collected arrival.
Secure your parking spot in advance
Save time and avoid the stress of looking around
Enjoy a smooth start to your workday, every day
Culinary Convenience
Savor the Taste of Efficiency
Elevate your lunch experience with Perkzai's convenient in-app meal booking. Whether you crave diversity or have specific dietary needs, our service caters to your midday appetite with ease and variety.
Select from an array of meal options provided by various partners, all within the app
Cater to your dietary preferences, ensuring lunch is not just delicious but also right for you
Book your meals for the entire week in one go — choose different meals for each day and look forward to a new taste daily
Enjoy the convenience of having your chosen meals delivered directly to your office, ready when you are
Birthday Spotlight
Celebrate Every Milestone in Style
Recognizing individual milestones like birthdays is more than just a kind gesture—it's about creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and connected. Perkzai ensures that these special days are marked with joy and team spirit.
Receive same-day notifications to never miss a colleague's birthday
Browse the anniversaries screen to see upcoming birthdays, planning your greetings in advance
Send and receive personalized messages, creating memorable moments for everyone
As the birthday person, enjoys a dedicated screen filled with celebratory messages
Your investment in your company’s success
Straightforward Value with Perkzai's Standard Package
Empower your team's office experience with Perkzai's simple and transparent pricing. One package, all the features.


per user/month, billed annually
5,00€ per user/month, billed monthly
(+) Success Fee - 0,10€ fee for every successful office check-in*
(+) Cost of Rewards
Join the Waitlist
Instant perkz Rewards
In-App Reward Store
Exciting Giveaway Opportunities
Streamlined Office Reservations
Real-Time Office Insights
Convenient Parking Spot Booking
Curated In-App Meal Selections
Interactive Birthday Celebrations
* You only pay our straightforward Success Fee if we achieve what we set out to do, which is bringing people to your office. This makes Perkzai a cost-effective solution for enhancing your office experience, guaranteeing our goals are aligned.